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TP-232 Optical Probe

TP-232 Series Optical Probe designed with infra-red and RS232 interfaces. It was designed to be powered from RS-232 interface in 2002 by Tespro China. In terms of RS232 power supply, we use patented technology to steal power from the RX and TX pins of RS232, and drive the optical probe circuit without affecting RS232 interface communication. The   up-to-date  technologies  and  the  general application property for almost all kinds of electric meters and thermo meters  make  it very unique among the  optical  probe families.

Strong Compatibility

Be Able to Work with Almost all Meters in the Market
Fully Compliant with Different Kinds of Protocols
Support all Kinds of Operating System
  • Protocol Compatible
    IEC 62056-21/ANSI C12.18/ DL/T-645
  • Meter Types
  • OS Compatible
    Windows, Android, Linux, Mac

Support Ultra-high Speed

Ultra High Speed Communication Technology Refers to Technology with a Communication Speed of Over Megabits Per Second (Gbps).Support Ultra-high Communication Speed, up to 300~115200bps. Transparent Transfer Mode, Seamlessly Integrates with Meters.

  • 300
    Min bps
  • 115200
    Max bps
  • Transparent
    Transfer Mode

Excellent Performance in Harsh Environment

Top Level Enclosure Material, Strong Magnet, Soft and Durable Cable.Strong Magnet Will Help You Connect Easier and Soft and Durable Cable Can Eliminate the Chaos of Intertwined Cable. No Need to Worry about Environment due to It Always Functions Well. No Matter It Is under the Burning Sun of the Summer or in the Frozen Blizzard in the Winter, It Will Do What It Should Do and Save Your Trouble.

  • IP54
    Waterproof Rating
  • Robust and Reliable
    ABS + PC Material
  • -40°C~+70°C
    Working Temperature Range

Support customization

Competitive Price, Ensure Timely Delivery, Good Reputation, 24 Hours Response, 12 Months Warranty, Continuous Product Upgrades, Permanent Technical Support, Customization service, OEM/ODM Service.

  • Color Customization
  • Cable Length
  • Logo Customization