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TG-MTS Meter Testing Stand
(Patented Product)

Tespro China’s TG-MTS is a multi-purpose Meter Test Stand. Its modular designed adapter supports multiple models of square-shaped power energy meters. TG-MTS is designed to power up meters quickly and free of wiring connection. TG-MTS adopts module design, by replacing the module, one TG-MTS can be adapted to all square meters. Its integrated injection molding design makes it smooth line body and elegant appearance. The high insulating material makes it safe to use. The portable and compact size design makes it easy to carry.Tespro China’s TG-MTS is a patented product, which has been very popular in customers’ application, especially has been widely used among meter manufacturers, power utility companies etc.It is an extraordinary item in Tespro China and it is popular with many customers.

Strong Compatibility

By Replacing Modules, A TG-MTS can Support Multiple Models of Square Power Meters by Simply Replacing The Modular Designed Adapter. Supports TC (Transformer Connection) And DC (Direct Connection) Meters, As Well As Three-Phase and Single-Phase Meters
  • All Square Meters
  • 3 Phase 4 Wires
  • 3 Phase 3 Wires
  • Single Phase

High Insulation Material

TG-MTS is Made of High Insulation Materials Because They Have High Insulation Resistance and Withstand Voltage Strength, and can Avoid Accidents Such as Leakage and Breakdown.With The Special Choice, You Will Feel Unprecedentedly Reassured to Finish Your Mission. 
  • Robust
  • Insulation
  • Portable

Design Goes with Convenience

What Is Elegant can Also Be Practical
Smooth Line Body and Elegant Appearance by Integrated Injection Molding Design
Easy to Carry by Portable and Compact Size Design

  • Easy to Carry
  • Integrated Injection Molding
  • Elegant & Curvy

Professional, Comprehensive Service and Support

Competitive Price, Ensure Timely Delivery, Good Reputation
24 Hours Response, 12 Months Warranty
Continuous Product Upgrades, Permanent Technical Support
Customization Service, OEM/ODM Service

  • Size Customization
  • Terminal Customization
  • Logo Customization