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TP-18 Calibration Optical Probe

TP-18 slim optical scanning probe is designed and manufactured by Tespro China. TP-18 is designed for simoutanous meter active and reactive accuracy testing. TP-18 can sense both light and infrared light pulses emitted by LED, then convert them into electric pulses. It is designed with slim dimension of 10mm and high optical sensitivity. TP-18 can adapt to various calibration equipment, including high-precision standard meters produced by EMH, meter production testing equipment from major meter manufacturers, and portable on-site testing equipment.It will become a indispensable and great helper for your calibration tasks.

Strong Compatibility

It Can Detect Light of Different Colors and Wavelengths
Convert Light Pulse to Electric Pulse
Support Working Voltage and Output Voltage: 5VDC / 12VDC /24 VDC
All Kinds of Connector Available
  • IEC-62056
  • ANSI
  • DL/T-645

Simultaneous Acquisition Of Active And Reactive Pulse

  • High Precision
  • Strong Practicality
  • Stable Performance Practicality
  • Easy to Manage

High Sensitivity

Support Min. 200μs Pulse width, Max. 5kHz Frequency, Or Even Higher
Can Sense Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue Light
Anti-light Interference, Applicable for Indoor and Outdoor

  • 200 μs
    Min Pulse Width
  • 5kHz
    Max Frequency

Excellent Performance in Harsh Environment

Top Level Enclosure Material, Strong Magnet, Soft and Durable Cable.Strong Magnet Will Help You Connect Easier and Soft and Durable Cable can Eliminate the Chaos of Intertwined Cable. No Need to Worry about Environment due to It Always Functions Well. No Matter It Is under the Burning Sun of the Summer or in the Frozen Blizzard in the Winter, It Will Do What It Should Do and Save Your Trouble.

  • IP54
    Waterproof Rating
  • Robust and Reliable
    ABS + PC Material
  • -40°C~+70°C
    Working Temperature Range

Support Customization

Competitive Price, Ensure Timely Delivery, Good Reputation, 24 Hours Response, 12 Months Warranty, Continuous Product Upgrades, Permanent Technical Support, Customization service, OEM/ODM Service.

  • Color Customization
  • Cable Length
  • Logo Customization