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Metering Optical Probe
        The metering optical probes, including the communication and the calibration optical probe, are the core products of Tespro China, which have been enjoying a world-famous reputation and widely used in more than 150 countries and regions since Tespro China having been established for more than 20 years. With the design of being compliant to various protocol, Tespro metering optical probes can read almost all meters as long as they are compatible with the standard. Tespro China's metering optical probes are widely used in many meter manufacturers, such as Landis+Gyr, EDMI, ITRON, ELSTER, ISKRA, EMH, SENSUS, AMETEK, KAMSTRUP.
Data Transfer Unit
        TA-DTU is a sheet metal rail 4G DTU product designed specifically for automatic meter reading, launched in 2023. With the product, users can achieve bidirectional transparent data transmission from serial port to cloud system network only through simple settings. TA-DTU has features of supporting variety communication networks around the world, supporting different connection mode and working mode, supporting custom registration packages and ‘heartbeat packets’. TA-DTU supports reading different types of meter data through configuration, e.g. Landis+Gyr, EDMI, ITRON, ELSTER, ISKRA meters etc.
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Handheld Terminal
        To achieve efficient meter data reading in multiple scenarios, Tespro China launches pad series products. Handheld terminal is an important device in the whole meter data collection chain. Handheld terminal(TA-HHT) can directly connects with optical probe, and transmit the meter data to the Cloud system. Working with Tespro China’s optical probes, TA-HHT can provide a perfect solution for mobile data collection.
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Calibration Terminal
        TA-272 series calibration terminal is a portable field test device developed by Tespro China for on-site power consumption check of electric energy meters. It is mainly used to facilitate on-site power consumption check and accuracy verification of watt-hour meters. Through CT, it can quickly find out whether there are wiring errors, electricity stealing, leakage and other behaviors of the user's on-site electricity consumption, and provide effective and fast tools for on-site inspection by the power utility company.
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Cloud Service
        Tespro-China has taken the lead in releasing a smart meter data collection and management service platform to the global market, named SEMS(Smart Energy Management System Service Cloud). The SEMS Cloud platform is designed for the purpose of assisting customers to expeditiously achieve the goal of meter data collection, remote meter reading(AMR) and the real-time monitoring, analysis and management of meter data. The platform will provide a comprehensive solution of remote digitalized meter data collection and management, and lead a new trend of global smart meter data collection and analysis.
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Cooperation Brand

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Professional OEM/ODM Manufacturer

         Tespro China has its own complete production lines from design to produce, which gives us the full ability to meet customers’ OEM/ODM needs. Every special need of yours, just name it. Additionally, to show our confidence and to assure customers, Tespro China SMART FACTORY will be launched in 2024. With this, customers can monitor their orders in digital ways:
1. All orders can obtain progress details through the smart factory system.
2. After authorization, you can view the detailed information of each production process link
3. Make an appointment to visit the actual environment of the smart factory online