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TA-272-3P Calibration Terminal

TA-272-3P is a portable on-site calibration device for pulse sensing, online power energy monitoring and accuracy verification of watt-hour meters. It can quickly detect the abnormal working status such as leakage, stealing and so on. TA-272 Series is to settle the problem of device portability and provide a better and efficient working condition for electricians.

Excellent Accuracy

We Aim for the Best, Test for the Best. The Terminal Itself can Guarantee a Perfect Accuracy to Your On-site Calibration Work, and Carry a Self-Detected System to Make Sure the Clamp Meter Can Work Normally. Additionally, Wire Simulation Can Help You Organize Training and Device Testing.
  • Precise
  • Wiring Simulation
    Wire Examine
  • Self-Detected
    Clamp Meter

Wider Measurement Range

Extra Wide Measurement Range for Current and Voltage. TA-272-3P Can Measure a Wide Range of Current with a 500:1 Range to Ensure the Accuracy. The Current Display Range Is 10000:1with 1mA Minimum Start-up Current.
  • 500X
    Current Range
  • 10000X
    Current Display Range
  • High Voltage Metering

Actually See Your Result

Put Your Data Down in Black and White. Although Our Terminal Is Convenient Enough to Detect, Sometime You Will Be Facing the Situation That There Are Many Sets of Data Need to Be Look at. By Connecting the Terminal with a Printer, You Can Easily Do so.

  • Printer
  • On the Spot

We Are the All-Mighty

Our Capability May Outdo Your Imagination. TA-272-3P Can Meet Your Regular Testing Parameter Needs and Be Able to Confugure with Printer. Moreover, for Meter with No Pulse, TA-272-3P Can Run a Electric Energy Accumulation.

  • Electric Energy Accumulation
    For Meters with No Pulse
  • Configurable

Support Customization

Competitive Price, Ensure Timely Delivery, Good Reputation, 24 Hours Response, 12 Months Warranty, Continuous Product Upgrades, Permanent Technical Support, Customization service, OEM/ODM Service.

  • Color Customization
  • Cable Length
  • Logo Customization