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TP-DTU-LTE-F is a sheet metal rail 4G data transfer unit created by Tespro China for the intention of improving the efficiency of automatic meter reading, released in 2023. Perfect functions are carried with this unit so that it can cover almost every common application scenarios. With this unit, after finishing some easy settings, customers are able to achieve bidirectional transparent data transmission from port to cloud or the other way around. This is a lite version with the function of data transferring between meters and cloud, containing transferring meter data reading commands from the cloud to the meter and sending the response of the meter to the cloud.

Strong Compatibility

Support Multiple Photoelectric Ports
Adapt to Various Communication Interfaces of on-site Meters
Be Able to Work with Almost all Meters in the Market

  • Protocol Compatible
    IEC 62056/ANSI /ANSI-Type2/ DL/T-645
  • Interface Compatibility

Available Range

All Protocols for Water Meters, Electricity Meters, Gas Meters, and Heat Meters are Supported for Plug and Play, Without the Need for Additional Development. DTU can Achieve Remote Control and Environmental Data Collection.
  • Electricity Meter
  • Water Meter
  • Gas meter
  • Heat Meter

Multi-Mode All Network Connectivity

According to Different Countries Using Different Communication Cards, Users Can Freely Choose 2G/3G/4G And Different Data Packets. The Communication Cards Provided By Tespro Are Suitable for Global Use.Multiple-mode Full Network Supported, Suitable for the Global Communication Network. the Only Thing You Need to Do Is to Buy a New Commnunication Card and Insert it. then Put It into Work.
  • 2G
  • 3G
  • 4G
  • Selectable
    Global Communication Card

Supported Protocols and Methods

We Know that There Are So Many Protocols Out There and You Are Having Trouble with Matching Your Devices to Different Protocols and That is Annoying. But with HHT, It Can Support All Protocols.

  • TCP
  • UDP
  • DNS
  • MQTT
  • HTTP

Support Customization

Tespro China TA-DTU-LTE-F Competitive Price, Ensure Timely Delivery, Good Reputation, 24 Hours Response, 12 Months Warranty, Continuous Product Upgrades, Permanent Technical Support, Customization service, OEM/ODM Service. 

  • Color Customization
  • Cable Length
  • Logo Customization
  • Software Customization